Sunday, May 1, 2011

Morel Mushrooms, Wild Turkeys and Fish Pics

Here are some pics sent in by blog readers over the weekend. Lots of turkeys being harvested, fish being caught and mushrooms being found!!

Brad Usher harvested this bird on the first day of turkey season down in Washington County. Amazing photo with the deke in the background!

Jeff has a nice bird and photo!

Chris Rock picking wild asparagus from Friday:

Fulton County crappie and mushrooms from Saturday:

A bunch of small bass being culled from a peoria county trophy bass lake:

FAT Heartland Outdoors Bass also from that Trophy Bass Lake:

Mike and Kevin Gar fishing in the backwaters. Those guys are crazy trash fish specialists with like over 60 species of fish caught this spring already.

Jamie Melton's boys tagged out by 11 am during youth turkey season!!! Probably the neatest turkey pic I have ever seen:

Mrs. Melton couldn't let the boys have all the fun!

Grandpa Melton also got in on the action. My goodness, if you want to shoot a trophy Gobler you need to change your last name to Melton!!

Ken Wilson sent in these pics of multiple morel mushrooms from Shelby County. His wife finds most of them and found over 100 that day!

Sam Smith sent in this picture. I have no clue who these people are, but this is an amazing picture if you ask me! Very Cool.

Chuck Hart caught this walleye from a 1/2 acre pond out by Goodfield. I have been working with this pond for about 4 years now. Probably more fish per gallon of water in this pond than any pond on the planet.

Tony Prayne was turkey hunting and sent in this pic of a morel. Where is the turkey pic Tony?

Chuck caught this monster muskie out at Banner Marsh last week. Man that fish is a beast!

Michelle Kellenberger texted me this pic of morels on Friday with a note that said THANKS! I dropped her off a batch at noon that I had found with a client while stocking fish that morning.

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