Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Memorial Day Mega Bluegills!

On Saturday we were working on building a 16 foot high jump dock at the lake for the new blob (pics and videos to come!) I was busy building, but Steve Ryan and his wife Josie came down into town for some big bluegill photo shoots at our lake. Steve is a regional host for InFisherman TV and regular contributor to the InFisherman magazine. For those who don't know, InFisherman is pretty much the top fishing show and fishing magazine in the country!

Anyhow here are his photos from Saturday from my lake. You will notice many different shirts, jackets, and hats from many different sponsors. The different fishing companies use these photos for marketing material. There are so many monster bluegill pics you may get tired of scrolling through!

So if that isnt enough mega bluegill pics, here are some photos from our fishing trip Sunday morning. At the crack of dawn, I took them to a secret honey hole that a client owns in Fulton County. This place is a panfish mecca! We fished a total of 3 hours and caught nonstop Boone and Crocket bluegills and redear sunfish:


  1. Those two have long arms, but I'll let it slide because any gill you can lip is worth bragging about.

  2. There has got to be a state record in there...

  3. jlove66 man those Beautiful Bull Gills