Sunday, December 16, 2012

Cold Water Stripers and Trout

Actually had a few minutes this weekend not accounted for and told Tyden to quick get as much clothes on as possible, we were gonna run down to the lake and see if we could get a fish to bite!!

I thought it a long shot to maybe catch a trout, but when I got down to the beach and saw a couple trout rise before getting to the end of the dock I know we were gonna hit the jackpot! It took Tyden all of 3 minutes before he had this trout dockside on a small shallow diving crankbait:

Then it took him all of 2 more minutes before this one was at the dock:

Then a switch to a 1/8 ounce jighead with little blue shad tube plastic and BAMMM, big fish on!

So after we landed the big one and a couple more on the jig we decided to go to a dock over deeper water and see what lurked below in the 25 ft depths....Again all it took was to drop the jig to the bottom and he was hooked up!!

He caught 3 more stripers and after about 45 minutes of fishing we had to get goin, but sure were glad we made the effort to get out!!! I am so excited for ice fishing season, I just hope we get some ice soon! What do you think, we gonna get ice this year and if so when???

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