Saturday, December 22, 2012

Lake House and Pavilion Projects

So we are currently working on a couple very cool projects. The first project is to convert this outdoor pavilion into a huge climate controlled super awesome great room with lake view....

Here is the view looking out:

Spray foam on the ceilings and canned foam in all the nooks n crannies:

So when the weather is bad we work inside on the pavilion project, but when the weather is good we are working on building this, the perfect 1800 square foot lake house with walkout basement:

We built the lake earlier this year and stocked it with Blue Catfish and Smallmouth doesnt that sound fun....

Oh yeah, we are still finishing up this awesome floating double decker dock and deck combo out in Fulton County:

Now with the new hope of actually ice fishing this winter, I am getting very excited!! On the 19th I just had to get out one more time to check on where the fish are still holding....I still got em located, come on ice!!

So anyhow now comes Christmas! My kids are super excited and I would be lying if I didnt admit I wasnt super excited either!! For some reason all the things I absolutely loved as a child still are the same things that get me excited today- snow days, storms, Christmas, power outages, etc....even though all those things mean alot of extra work, stress, and cost extra money, I still cant help myself in anticipation.....

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