Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Family Fun at Gulf Shores, Alabama!

Mae gets up early with me every morning, and stays up late with me every evening....if you know me, I usually am fishing early in the morning and late into the evening. Here are some pics from underneath Perdido Pass Bridge one evening early December while we were shark and redfish fishing:

The kids fish with me alot, but I always make sure they dont get bored while fishing. We make sure to find crabs, play tag, tell scary stories about gargoyles under the bridge, catch small fish to feed the birds, and just stay entertained with the focal point of outdoor entertainment and not actual boring fishing....

This has been an awesome week to be down in Gulf Shores, Alabama! We have been working on replacing the cabinets at my grandmas beachfront condo at Lana Kai and working on fixing up and redecorating our new condo across the street at Lands End II.

It hasnt been all work and no play though....every day we do some swimming and fishing. Here are a bunch of pictures of me and the kids having fun fishing, exploring, shell picking and just having fun down at Gulf Shores on or near the beach:

Mae is a fishing Machine!

Noah is not scared of nothin: (at least when dad is around)

The new Gulf State Pier is just awesome!! They are putting in a HUGE zipline course across the street which should be open for springtime!! Fishing is great on the pier and the kids always have some sort of animal to look at or get close to. We fed this pelican a couple shrimp and always feed em small pinfish when we catch them....the kids want to catch small fish to feed the birds.... Noah caught a shark this night off the pier, but we kept it down in the water and didnt get a good pic....

Places that you must visit while down in Gulf Shores is the old Hazels off highway 180 near walmart! Best breakfast on the planet:

The kids ate good so they got gumballs:

Also you gotta stop at Souvenir City and at least get a pic with the shark entrance:

So Noah ended up getting his real shark picture after all!!! He reeled in this shark mostly by himself, but had a little help from Uncle Justin:

On Sunday after we ate a feast at local favorite place Desoto's the kids held a surprise 30th birthday party for Brook!! No pics of the party, but did get a pic of our feast:

I mean how can you not take a pic of this picture perfect blackened grouper drizzled in special Desotos Fish Sauce:

My parents meal last night from Ribs and Reds was about as good as it gets anywhere on the planet! They have a meal for two special which once they brought home the leftovers actually fed 4 of us:

So anyhow I have never been in Gulf Shores during December before and was doing tons of research online about whats biting where and I came across this guy- David Thornton. He has a guide service down in Gulf Shores! Only his guide service is totally unique and exactly my kind of outside the box thinking!..... He teaches people how to catch fish from the beach right in front of the condo where they are staying or from the state pier or from one of his secret spots....your choice!

As I researched him more and more online I just had to meet him! Late one night I shot him an email and he replied back we got to get together this week, but his only day was Tuesday....Tuesday it was and let me say when you come down to Gulf Shores you would be a fool not to hire him for an afternoon to gain his 30 years of Gulf Shores Beach fishing knowledge....Here he is rigging up some poles....Dad, Allen, and Justin are in the background:

This is what we were after and is a prize fish to catch off the beach: Super easy to clean and Very Tasty!!! We caught 20 of them last night and cant wait to fry em up! Here is our male model Allen holding up a picture perfect whiting:

David with another big whiting:

This guy wasnt so lucky, but i guess he was gonna die either way, so really we were the ones not so lucky he got bit while being reeled in:

So I got just one more day down here in Gulf Shores and got alot to get accomplished before heading home.....

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  1. Thanks for sharing this. My husband and me have been considering some Gulf Shores vacation rentals for our family vacation. I'm glad to see it is a friendly trip for kids. We want them to be engaged and not bored, and it's great to see they can still have that.