Sunday, January 19, 2014

Amazing Ice Fishing Sunrise

Saturday morning we were getting onto the lake and were blessed with an amazing sunrise!

There was a little snowstorm coming and the sun disappeared completely behind those clouds for the rest of the day, but those 3 minutes of the sun peaking through were timed absolutely perfectly. Anyhow we had huge aspirations of overflowing our buckets with crappies and bluegills like this:

But instead we just fished out in the snow and for the most part caught a whole lot of nothing like this:

We marked alot of fish, pretty much every lake and spot we hopped to, but they were all just sniffers. They would come and look at the baits, follow em up and down and just be all kinds of curious but very very few of them would bite!

So we had an amazing sunrise and watched lots of geese flying around all over the place, but the fish we were after eluded us. I guess all we can do is get back on the horse and make up for it next go around.

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  1. Nate
    Some things just need to be remembered ---framed that image of the sunset!!!!