Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Ice Fishing Event Saturday January 18th

This Saturday, January 18th we will be ice fishing and scouting our new property in Canton, IL. We have named 52 of the lakes and ponds and we have only been fishing on about 30 of them so far... Learning the depths and the fish populations and creating the management plans has been an absolute blast!! In about 3 weeks we will be stocking 3000 rainbow trout, 2000 brook trout, and 1000 brown trout in some of the 60-80' really deep lakes!

Anyhow if anyone would like to come and fish with us this Saturday from 7 am to about 1 pm cost would be $125 per person fully guided with a vexilar or $75 per person if you have your own gear. We will have plenty of bait! Just email nate@hblakemanagement for directions.

Last time out to this property we found some really good 3-5 lb bass in some of the harder to get to smaller lakes, some nice crappie in some of the campground lakes, and some nice bluegill and redears in the ski lake and big lake... Here are some of those pics from our last outing there:

We will be keeping all fish caught big and small for research purposes, but you will be able to take them home to eat once we look them all over.

You can find out a little bit more about this property at and I would love the opportunity to show you around. Its gonna quickly become the best fishing in the midwest and the perfect place to get your kids outdoors!!!


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