Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Weekend Ice Fishing Recap and Pictures

Chef Todd coined the weekend Bro's on Ice 2014.... We had a bunch of guys up ice fishing from Texas, Tennessee, Nebraska, Indiana, Minnesota, Chicago, and Wisconsin!! (yes Chicago is classified differently as well) Here is a group shot of most, but we are missing Texas and Tennessee and some others....

Anyhow we fished hard from Thursday-Sunday and we ate some pretty stinkin good food along the way as well.. For the most part we had to work hard for the fish, using every ice fishing jig and lure and bait under the sun, but we put in the time and were rewarded with some amazing fish!

The weather was anything but stable during those 4 days, we had cold, wind, rain, sleet, warm, sun, clouds, and wind again.... when it was sunny the fish were holding tight, but in low light we could use more aggressive baits and draw them in.

I have quite a few really awesome pics, I guess I'll just start ploppin em in and we will go from there... For the most part it was big bluegills we were after:

But we also spent some time targeting 'other' species as well.... we used tip ups with 6" shiners, as well as rippin raps and jiggin spoons to catch these walleyes and bass and even muskie:

Also I almost forgot Chef's Little Brown Trout:

And Justins little smallie:

Oh Yeah, cant forget the hybrid striper bite on Saturday evening was on fire. They were inhaling rippin raps jigged pretty aggressively:

Also we found a couple trees that had some real nice crappie on them as well:

This was Texas boys first fish through the ice:

Last but not least, Chef cooked up some serious grub over the weekend... the highlight was the clam and crawfish and fresh crappie chowder out on the ice, but this rabbit and pheasant stew wasnt so bad either:

And the 1/2 lb venison stuffed meatballs were almost a perfect 10!

Cant go wrong grilling venison brats and pork chops on the ice either:

Here is that chowder we made out on the ice:

So anyhow those pics only scratch the surface to the fish and fun we had this weekend! I have about 400 great pics and stories, but time and space are not on my side at the moment... All I can say is get some buddies and friends and family together and lets go fishing (and bring a chef along)... When his work is done and our bellies are full, he usually can sneak out on a bucket for the last light of the day:

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