Sunday, January 5, 2014

Cold Ice Fishing Adventures

Well, its been cold. Looks like its gonna be real cold the next few days! I can say we have definitely been putting our time in on the ice. So far I have only spent 3.5 daylight hours of the entire year 2014 NOT on the ice.....mostly in pursuit of trophy fish:

The fishing has been good and we have caught some really big fish, but to be honest we really havent had a strong active bite all season. We have had to put in our time and really work the fish to get them to eat. I am still waiting for the day that the fish go on fire and EAT!!!

So nonetheless I dont need an onfire bite to enjoy the greatest time of year to be fishing! Have had many awesome adventures and none more fun than fishing with Infisherman camera guys Christian Hoffman and Matt Love. We were in search of underwater footage for upcoming ice fishing shows and Also we were joined by Captain Ralph Steiger and his buddy Bobby.

We didnt catch many fish Thursday, but the ones we did get were really nice:

Actually the second day we fished it was only like -2 degrees out but sunny and pleasant. We only caught one fish worth taking a photo of:

Then on Saturday we fished out at the Giant Goose Ranch in Canton, IL. I will be writing alot more about this place in the weeks and years to come. My brothers and I just purchased this property with the plan of transforming it into the Midwest's Premier Fishing, Hunting, Hiking, Camping, and Family Recreation Area!

It took us a little while to find some active fish, the first couple hours were very slow, but once we found a couple good spots we caught some really good fish:

Some of you might recognize this guy. Him and his family came out to help me explore the Goose Ranch for their annual boys ice fishing outing:

We have 40 lakes and ponds on this property and the biggest one is 121 acres!! We are going to unleash the most intensive multi-species lake management program on the planet.... you can check out our new website for more info about the place. The website is a work in progress, just the home page works right now...

So anyhow now I am prepped and ready for the cold artic blast to settle in and get rested up for the adventures that lie on the back side of this cold front!!

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