Monday, January 24, 2011

Camera Overload: Muskie, Bluegill, Crappie....

Saturday I took 14 people guided ice fishing to Otter Creek Preserve. The bait shop in Lewiston wasn't open when we drove by at 8 am, so it was a good thing Steve had a bunch of minnows even though I told him I would have all the bait!

Anyhow we caught some AMAZING fish, despite the freezing cold weather. Here are a couple pics of the first tiger muskie of the day:

That musky was stocked into the 50 acre canadian lake as a young of the year fingerling in the fall of 2008! As this lake was filling in 2007 we stocked a bunch of shiners, shad, pumkinseeds, and fatheads. By the time we stocked the gamefish in the fall of '08, every square inch of the lake was filled with baby forage. Kind of amazing how fast fish grow when all they have to do is open their mouths while swimming to eat!

Here is the second tiger muskie of the day. Quite a bit smaller than the first, but still a great 3 year old fish and an awesome fish to catch through the ice:

We also caught some great bluegills on the VIP lake:

Before you make too much fun of Chad for his dink bluegill, wait till you see the next pic below it! He totally redeems himself with the biggest gil of the day!

This bluegill had a really cool skin disorder or he was playing a role in some sort of scary fish movie or something:

Had a gourmet ice fishing shore lunch catered by Chef Todd:

These big largemouth bass kept the automatic fisherman rigged with minnows popping:

And we finished off the day with a couple buckets full of crappie from the big lake:

I got home at 8 pm and then cleaned this bucket of crappie for some residents of the old folks home on skyline drive. The person who bought the ice fishing trip today wanted to make sure they had some fresh fish to eat!

Brook wasn't too happy to come home to her kitchen sink full of thawing crappies, but she couldn't stay mad when she found out they were for the nursing home! What an amazing day of ice fishing, food and fun outdoors during the middle of winter!!


  1. Nathan
    I have just found your blog. What an awesome post not to mention the fish. Do you know the weight of the bluegills you guys caught? I am an avid bluegill fisherman and I thought I was doing great when I caught gills in the range of 12 to 14 oz. Those gills are super nice not to mention the rest of the catch. Are these fish from your management lakes? If so how often do you fertilize the lake or do you fertilize. In other words how do you get that size fish in this particular lake? I fish a small lake here in Jasper Alabama and they fertilize the lake once a month. Personally I think that is a bit too much. Why because last year they had a fish kill on the lake where large bluegills and bass floated to the surface because of oxygen depletion. I hope they will cut back this year. I will be adding your site to my blog roll and look forward to more of your great post. I hope you will join up with our group. It would give your site more exposure, and hopefully some fisherman out there would learn about lake management. My blog is Thanks for sharing Bill

  2. Hey Bill,
    Thanks for the comment, and we don't fertilize much up here. Will talk more for sure.