Thursday, January 13, 2011

Ice Fishing For Meat!

This afternoon I headed out ice fishing for some meat! When we meat fish we pop around to the active holes and obviously try to catch as many fish as possible. This part may sound crazy, but we actually let the big bluegills go and keep all the medium ones. For some reason searching for medium sized bluegills usually isnt too difficult.

Its nice to be mobile on the ice now that it is thickening up. Here is one of our HB ice fishing guides' Rangers decked out for ice fishing!

Yep you heard me right, demand for guided ice fishing has far exceeded my capacity to take out trips on my own and I now have a team of guides helping out. This weekend we are working on a deer project with Dr. Grant Woods in Fulton County, but next weekend we will be guiding about 30 people ice fishing throughout the weekend.

Anyhow back to the meat fishing, here is my dad searching for a hot hole:

We fished for 2 hours and gathered more than enough bluegill for our fish fry on Friday evening.

We are cooking up a feast tomorrow night consisting of Tuna Chili, homemade onion rings, fried crabmeat rangoon, bluegill chips, shrimp, smoked salmon, crab dip, and of course hot chocolate.

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  1. Hey looks like some great fishing where was this?