Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Pheasant Hunting then Ice Fishing!

This morning I went pheasant hunting with my good friend Ben Ginzel and his two dogs Toby and Chester. Toby is 11 years old and his son Chester is 3 years old. They make a great hunting team! Here is a picture of Ben and Toby! Toby is actually the son of my old chocolate lab Coco. Ben picked him up when he was 6 weeks old and they have been inseperable ever since!

Here is Chester and Toby together. Chester is Toby's son and his mother is my sister's lab Brandi. Its a small world out there.....Anyhow these labs are great hunting and family dogs and Toby and Brandi will most likely be having another litter later this year!

Then it was off to Princeville, Illinois to do some ice fishing. Yep, we now officially have safe ice again over most of the area! Be careful though, some places along the edges that were opened up a few days ago are still borderline on thickness.

Here are some pictures from the afternoon.

We drilled lots of holes and caught fish from most of them. I was using a small frostee tipped with waxworm and the other guys were using jigging rapalas along with 20 other types of jigs and spoons......When the fish are biting Chef changes up baits every few minutes. When the fish aren't biting Chef also changes up baits every few minutes.....He is a lure guy, I am a bait guy!
I will be on the ice again this weekend. The rest of this week will be spent working construction.

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