Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Football and Fishing on the Ice

We took 16 people ice fishing on Sunday afternoon. The trip almost didn't happen due to the Bears making it much farther into the playoffs than they should of, but we decided instead of canceling that we would just combine and bring the game right out onto the ice! Turned out to be a pretty stinkin' awesome football party if a do say so myself!

The combination of football, food, and fishing just can't be beat. Here are some pics of our party on the ice. Chef did a bit of scouting before everyone arrived and found a pretty good bass spot:

Automatic fisherman are great for large groups. Just set the rod and its a free for all for whoever gets there first when a fish hits. For some reason the big dude kept getting knocking over the kids en route to the fish.......j/k this picture was actually staged.

Here is a new Chef Todd fish sandwich recipe that you simply must try!

Here are some fresh bluegill fillets marinating in a secret yellow marinade:

This guy was dialed in on the big perch!

Chef cooked up another feast of burgers, brats, deer loins, and fish sandwiches!

This dude's head stayed warm and he was a fish catching machine!

It was cold so we took a couple loads of fish up to the shed to keep them from freezing solid. We cleaned over 300 bluegill after the game.

He beat the big dude for this one!

Here is our football cave before the game.

Not quite a booner, but tasty would be more like it. We caught bunches of fish today, but the big boys didn't come out to play.

There are a bunch of 150 inch class bruiser bluegill in this lake, but it seemed like just the females and small boys wanted to eat today. At the end of the day we still ended up with a BUNCH of fish meat! Good thing we had help cleaning the fish or we probably would still be there slicing away!!

During the game there was only about 2 minutes of actual hope for the Bears. Hey sometimes its better to be lucky than good....unfortunately that wasn't the case on Sunday.


  1. Fantastic! Beauty of a largemouth. The gills and perch aren't too shabby either. Well done.

  2. okay, i just gotta say it...you know you're a redneck when you drag a tv out onto the ice.
    sorry but you walked right into that one.

  3. I'm a redneck with a white trash aunt from the woods of glasford. At least I'm moving up in the world, rednecks are the coolest people alive. When the world comes crashing down us country boys will be just fine.

  4. i have to agree w/rachel's comment, hauling a tv out on the ice and sitting in lawn chairs IS pretty redneck like...and people from glasford are usually pretty cool, classy even.

  5. Anonymous comments only count for half their normal value.