Thursday, January 27, 2011

Monster Bass Ice Fishing

I have been working on this very young trophy bass lake for 2 years and it has been producing several 5 lb bass this winter through the ice like this one:

Well today we just raised the bar up a few more notches! Check out the size of this bass that Chris caught on a large fathead minnow this morning. This fish is going to the taxidermist!

Chris has two lakes right next to each other. One we are managing for trophy bass and the other we are managing for trophy bluegill. All the small bass come out of the trophy bass lake and go into the trophy bluegill lake. On the flip side, all of the small bluegill come out of the trophy bluegill lake and go into the trophy bass lake.

The lakes are still very very young, but are producing some amazing fish!


  1. somebodys doing something right at those lakes :)

  2. why do you have your clients do full arm extensions on every fish they pose with! It's kind of misleading to the size in which the fish raelly are!

  3. Your right anonymous, we definitely need to get more scientific and boring with the fish pics. I am sure most people want to see tape measures and scales included in every picture....