Monday, February 23, 2009

Guided Fishing USA: My New Website for Fishing Guides

I have started a new website called

My goal with this website is to help fishing guides from all 50 states promote their websites by utilizing all of the main aspects of SEO. Business directory listing, linkbuilding, video, photo and article submitting, fresh content and general online networking are some of the key online features built into

Each fishing guide that joins guidedfishingusa will receive a one page business listing under the state(s) of their choice. This page includes their contact information, direct website link, photo, fishing trip rates and general information. Being listed in this comprehensive directory of fishing guides will not only directly generate additional traffic to the guides main website, but it will also improve the guides main website rankings with search engines as well.

Linkbuilding is a very key aspect of SEO. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization for those of you who don't know. If your website is not linked up to other websites, you will never be able to improve your rankings in search engines. Industry related links are especially important to search engine rankings! Guidedfishingusa has quite a few aspects of linkbuilding to help improve their website rankings: Guidedfishingusa is already linked up to 100's of outdoor related websites, blogs and directories. Fishing guides will have a direct link to their website in their business listing and will also be able to post their website link in their articles that are featured on guidedfishingusa's home page!

Fishing guides will be able to publish their fishing related articles, stories, photos, and videos on Guidedfishingusa's homepage. These items will have the author's contact information and website link built in, and will be submitted to and utilized by outdoor websites and magazines looking for fresh content. Not only will this gain valuable backlinks to the author, but these avenues of self promotion are the very best ways for a fishing guide to get nationwide exposure!

If you are a fishing guide looking to gain an edge by utilizing the internet and promoting your website, is a great tool! Don't waste 100's of hours or 1000's of dollars going through each component of SEO individually. For less than $40 and under 10 minutes of your time you can join guidedfishingusa and let our online experts do the rest for you!

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