Sunday, February 1, 2009

Super Bowl Fishing Trip

The weather was too perfect today to not get outside! Right after church, I headed out to Norris to do some ice fishing with my parents, older brother, and Mae. We had high hopes of pulling in some Jumbo Perch and still are after the elusive Smallmouth through the ice.

The ice was 12-16 inches thick and the water was absolutely crystal clear. We could see our jigs down at the bottom in fifteen feet of water! Anyhow I think we were way too noisy and moved around actually too much. With so much ice, we were driving the mule around to get to our fishing spots. We only landed 2 fish in just over 2 hours of ice fishing, by far the toughest bite of the season.

Chad landed this nice rainbow trout. And I turned her into fish dip for the game!

My dad did end up catching a real nice perch, but I was too far away to get a pic before he released it. Mae was determined to catch a fish, but with such a tough bite, it didnt take long before we were enjoying other aspects of being outside on such a nice Super Bowl Sunday.

We made it back into town with a few pizzas and snacks just a couple minutes before kickoff.

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