Saturday, February 13, 2010

Drake's Miracle

I thought I would be more nervous going into our meeting with the doctors this morning, but I was surprisingly calm. Before I even sat down at the table full of docs and assistants, Doc Javed with a big smile on his face said he had some great news for us! At that instant it was like a 500 lb weight was lifted from inside of me and just floated out into the air. I sat down and listened to the whole report and then was able to ask a few questions.

Drake's ultra sound showed signs of great improvement and encouragement. He may come through this almost like nothing ever happened! There still is a chance he may not have the best motor skills or might take him a few extra months to learn to walk and stuff, but as of right now we have avoided cerebral palsy and mental retardation. Too much blood leaking into the ventricals and spinal cord leads to that sort of ramifications, but the docs think we have avoided all of that.

Still they think along with NAIT chomping away at his platelets that there is some sort of viral infection transmitted at birth, but nothing really to be worried about. All the major infections and tests and such have been ruled out and everyone is amazed at how this little boy has responded to everything. One of the specialists couldnt quite explain to one of Brook's OB doctors how this all worked out so good so far, and Brook's OB was glad to share that news with us even though the specialist would never really say that to us. We all know though how certain unexplainable pieces of the puzzle fit together, so its not hard for us to believe. God has been working and moving and changing lives all through this little miracle we call Drake. I know that my life, my thoughts, my goals, my dreams, have all been changed, I definitely have received a wake up call.

Drake and dad just chillin:

Mae and Noah came down about 10 am. Noah's scream for daddy got the attention of the whole 4th floor and his 3 minute long hug had me grinning from ear to ear. Mae is still struggling with Drake being in the NICU. She still hasnt mustered up enough courage to even go in the room to see him, even though that is what she wants more than anything in the whole world. You can just see here tremble with fear when we try to ease her into getting closer to his crib. She wants to so bad, but just cant take that step. About the only thought she can think is how many days until we can get him home and she can hold him.

Mae trying to work up enough courage to go inside:

Today is our last day in Brook's room. As much as it is convenient being this close, I really am looking forward to just laying on my comfortable bed. At this point, even the floor in our livingroom would be a step up from the foldout chair. We will still be down at the NICU most of the time, but will be sleeping at home now. The earliest Drake can come home at this point is looking like the end of next week. I wont be working all of next week, just to be with Brook and the kids, but still I know Brook could use more than just my encouragement and company. Also Mae and Noah need quite a bit of extra attention during this time too, anything to get them out of the house and occupy their minds for awhile would be very much appreciated.

This is our little portion of the NICU. We have curtains that wrap around when we need a bit of privacy:

Drake just sleeping away:

It is 2:45 pm and Brook is napping. She has been feeding Drake every 4 hours and he has been eating really good. Stephanie Ober is Drakes nurse today and is taking great care of the little guy. The staff in the NICU seems to be the very best of the best in terms of ability and personality. They are all super friendly and caring. I am now pretty much out of random thoughts at the moment, but just still am so excited and thankful for all the good news today and for everyones prayers, support, and encouragement.


  1. Nate and Brook
    The Power of Prayer! We are so happy and lift God up for His work in Drake's life already. Please let us know how we can help in the next weeks. Lots of Love - Mandy

  2. PRAISE GOD!!! AMEN!! The power of prayer is beyond our comprehension, but it is evident that God ANSWERES PRAYERS and was with Drake the whole time. And he is your little miracle!!! I'M SO HAPPY FOR YOU AND BROOK!

  3. Nate, reading this brings tears of joy to my eyes. I'm so happy the Lord is moving in your lives and healing precious Drake. We are continuing to lift him up in prayer!! We will try to make a visit to the NICU soon! Take great care of your kiddos and wife. We love you all so much!!

    Rustin, Cara and Jaret

  4. I am so rejoicing that your journey is in God's care and He has been gracious and full of mercy. Praise the Lord! We are covering you all in prayer! Love you!!

  5. Praise Jesus!! What a miracle! He is the ultimate healer! We have been praying for you guys and will continue!! Drake is absolutely precious! Nate, thanks so much for taking the time to share. Brook, my heart has been hurting so much for you the past few are amazing!
    Love you guys!
    Neil & Leann

  6. First of all, congrats!! We are so thankful for this good news!! God truly works miracles. We will continue to pray for you all!

  7. Your entire family is in our thoughts!

  8. Nate,
    Thank you so much for giving such a great detailed description of everything. To see what's going on through your eyes is so intense, I can't help but cry. I told Kip like 5 times I couldn't keep reading without crying. I am sooo happy for you and I celebrate with you that Drake is going to be A-OK! God is AWESOME!!!!!!!! and we all know that HE is the ultimate healer!
    Be Blessed!!!
    Carli Taufer