Monday, February 22, 2010

He Pees on Everyone!

Its official, my fishing blog has been taken over and turned into Drake's Baby Book or something. I don't have much going on this time of year in regards to fish stocking, electrofishing, or fishing trips, and the next time I get out fishing is wednesday, so all I can think about is writing stuff for and about Drake Dawg. He has a sense of humor that is completely uncomparable to any other 11 day old in the world. The docs thought he might be a little slow to develop, but really he is a genius, a mastermind of the world of pranks and practical jokes. He gets this sort of mischevious, onry, onery, ohnery, aunryness, who in the world knows how to spell that word anyway! Anyhow this sort of devious activity has been passed down from many generations in the meister family (my moms side for those of you wondering) and has I think been ultimately perfected in Drake............more on that in a bit.

So far since being home he is the perfect child. Eats great, sleeps great, just lays there great, and looks at you with the cutest little eyes so great. He even passed his first outpatient doctor appointment today great. Mae and Noah constantly are up in his face all the time and he doesnt mind one single bit, he just knows how to entertain them great. I told Brook this morning its like we have a new pet that the kids just cant get enough of. He can sleep through anything, GREAT.

Allright, so I will cut to the chase. It only took Drake 4 days to figure out the exact perfect moment to open up the fountain of life. Dr. Koralis plucked his diaper off and he waited perfectly, patiently for about 8 seconds before letting loose. It was great, let 'em let their guard down and BAMM! I had a big smile, just was proud of my boy! Then come to find out from Brook he had already been practicing that trick 2 previous times before the big audience!

Noah actually never peed on anyone before. We changed 100's, I dont know maybe even thousands of his diapers (I even changed a few so can be included in the before mentioned we) and he never once learned how to pee once willy was freed. It took Drake less than 3 days to get er figured out.

So anyhow early this morning I could hear Brook rustling around a bit unusually, but I lay in bed very still and pretended to be sleeping through the whole commotion to get the point. Anyhow, Drake just finished his 5 am feeding and decided to hold a bit of ammunition back once he suckered Brook into changing his diaper. Not only did he get her so perfect with number one, but once she got that cleaned up he brought round two with you know what- number 2. For my fishing fellas still for some reason reading this, number 2 when your a little baby is really more like number 1. Enough said, moving on. Round 3 was just the icing on the cake, he doesnt usually spit up much, but pulled off his best vomit to date! It was great.

When the doctor's assistant told me to strip him down to get weighed this morning, I knew much better than to do just that unprepared. I very carefully got er done and took him out to the scale. We just finished weighing him, and I let my guard down for not more than a second and Drake had er timed just right. All over the scale, floor, everywhere. I couldnt believe how far he could aim! It was great.

I can't write without posting pics, so here are some pics simulating the boy in action. Look at that physique!

Oh yeah, he has already gained one full pound! He truly is my child! This picture is just great.


  1. Good morning, my name is Theresa Wright. I had the privilage of being Brooke's core leader last year at CBS, and get to dance with her at Jazzercise. Brooke and Nate we( my husband, leaders council and Jazz havw been praying for your family) Thanks so much for your postings keeping us up to date. i can't wait to meet Drake dawg but will stand back at changing time!! Do you need anything? Meals etc? Let me know and thanks again for sharing. Love in Christ Theresa and Doug Wright

  2. LAUGHING OUT LOUD!!! I will have to get Brook's side of the story. He looks great and gaining weight like a champ. Go Drake!!!!

  3. I can't help but read your blog!!! thank you for posting stuff - I love it! You are hilarious and a fantastic writer!

    Is there anything Kip and I can do? We would love to see Drake Dawg!

    Carli Kip Rylan

  4. I love reading your blog's. Nate you are fantastic writer and I was laughing the whole time since I could relate after raising 3 boys. Thanks and God's blessing to all of you. We love you and can't wait to see u again. Love Diane