Saturday, February 13, 2010

Drake's Ultra Sound

Last night about 11:30 pm Drake had his ultra sound to find out the extent of the damage that has been caused and whether or not he is still bleeding. His platelet counts continue to rise with every prick of the foot and they are going to start scaling back on the blood testing. We find out the results of the ultra sound this morning and even though we know God is in complete control, I am just a bit nervous.

Brook and I havent got to spend much time together at all. One of us is always taking care of something of somesort. Last evening Brook went down to feed Drake at 7:30 and I fell asleep on her hospital bed until about 9 pm. That bed was sooo comfortable, I was conked out the moment I laid down, the foldout hospital chair just isnt rated for an oversized fella like myself. From 9 pm til a little past midnight Brook and I finally got to spend some alone time together. Not quite the picture perfect romantic setting heading into Valentines weekend, but we went for a walk around the hospital, took Brook to the lab to get some blood testing done, headed down to hang out with Drake before his ultra sound, and then came back up to the room and gorged on a package of almonds while we answered some emails and read some blog posts together. Much needed relaxing time.

Now we just need to spend some time with Mae and Noah today. Noah misses his momma pretty bad, they have been attached by the hip since he was born. Mae is doing much better, but she just wants Drake home so bad. Today they are going to spend the day with us at the hospital. The hospital is big and has plenty of room for us to roam and explore. Noah and I will have fun just walking around hunting deer in the hallways, pushing the elevator buttons, and going up and down and up and down exploring. Mae is going to try to muster up enough courage to go in and hold Drake. We are going to have to practice wearing the mask she has to wear up in our room before heading down. Brook is still sleeping this morning, she got up about 4 am to feed Drake and then has been zonked out since then.

The little fella is eating completely on his own, very aware of his surroundings. He is getting very strong and is really starting to work on his vocal cords! Finally he has had enough of the needles and pokes and is starting to let everyone know it!!! He is much bigger than all the other babies in the NICU and really is starting to seem like he is a perfectly normal, healthy baby that is just hooked up to all kinds of machines and devices. As his strength keeps increasing and the medicines and stuff starts decreasing, I dont think they are going to be able to keep him detained and hooked up much longer. He is really starting to move around and is beating up his face with his IV wrapped hands.


  1. Dear ones,
    We have been praying for you since we heard about Drake. We are so thankful that he is doing well and we trust that his ultrasound will show good news too. May God be with you and provide all your need. May you both rest when you can to replenish yourselves for caring for your family. We also pray for Mae and Noah. Diane sent me this link last night and we rejoiced and we keep praying.
    I am Patsy's first cousin and we live in the Kansas City area. My husband and boys are fisherman too. They especially enjoy a Canadian fishing trip.
    God be with and succor you.
    With love and prayer,
    Karen Kellenberger

  2. Nate & family,

    We love you & your family so much and have been praying for a miracle and God's ultimate healing on Drake. We love you all & will continue to pray! I know a lot of people have offered & you have a lot of fam. but let us know if we can do anything besides pray!

    blessings to you & your family!
    Dusty, Erin & Oliver

  3. Nate and Brook,
    We have been praying for Gods healing on baby Drake and to hold you close in His arms. Isn't God amazing...he has already stepped in to comfort you and strengthen Drake. Hans has called me from work to see if I had any up dates. I am so glad you are letting us know what we can send up in prayer. We love you so much. Praying for Mae and Noah too! Thankful for an almighty God who is so faithful.

    Love and continued prayer,