Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Ice Fishing with Pro-Angler Steve Ryan

This is what happens when you bring a couple of professional anglers out to a lake managers personal fishing lake for an ice fishing trip.

I have been ice fishing my whole life and have never landed a largemouth that big through the ice. We were on the ice for less than 15 minutes and half of that time was spent walking out to our first spot when Steve landed this monster largemouth bass! I hadnt even got a line in the water yet.

Our quest for the day was to find some one pound bluegills for some killer ice fishing photos. Our guests for the afternoon were Bob Harcar and Steve Ryan. Steve travels around the world to catch monster fish and take photos of them for companies like Yozuri, Frabil, Lindy, Bomber, and such. He also films fishing videos and writes articles for Midwest Outdoors, Fishing Facts and In-Fisherman. Here are some fairly recent photos just to give you a glimpse of what Steve does.

Let me just say that I have been fishing with hundreds of people from all over the world and havent met very many with the angling abilities that Steve has. He just flat out knows how to fish.

Anyhow back to our task at hand- the quest for the one pound bluegills. So we started out catching the absolute biggest largemouth bass I have ever seen caught ice fishing, and then followed that up with several more 1-3 lb largemouths.

Then what happened next I still cant figure out. Its almost as if God was messing with me again for leaving church early for the second consecutive Sunday, I just know He has a sense of humor up there! We caught largemouth, we caught crappie, we caught trout, we caught quite a few really nice fish, but for the life of us we just could not catch a bluegill! I mean this is icefishing we are talking about, bluegill usually is like 95% of what we catch while icefishing!!


Finally right as the sun was setting we were able to land 3 bluegill. They weren't the 16 oz+ Boone and Crockets we had been catching, but were just regular 9-12 ouncers. We managed just one good bluegill pic from the afternoon excursion.

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