Saturday, February 27, 2010

Working With Dad

I gave Brook a much needed day off today by taking the kids to 'work' with me this morning. In anticipation of them spending the day with dad, we got all of their warm working clothes together and laid out the night before and even were able to get 'em in bed earlier than usual. Mae came in at 2 am and 5 am, but it still wasnt quite time yet to get ready. Finally at 7 am, we were all up and at em getting ready for the days adventures.

Gma and Gpa picked us up at about 7:45 am and we headed out to the big lake to clean up and organize some stuff, feed the ducks, and of course ride the new tractor. It has definitely been too long since I have had the kids outside. Spring cant come soon enough so I can raise em up right- you know outside and dirty! It took me like 30 minutes to finally get explained that it is OK to get dirty and we can wash our hands and clothes when we get home. They definitely have been spending way too much time inside with Mom and Grandma Pat.

We had alot of fun hunting for and eating lots of icesickles, going down the slide, feeding the ducks, riding the tractor and just playing in the snow. They think this is what I do everyday when I am at work....haha I know what your thinking....even though my job is great, its not ALL fun and games. Here are some pics of working with dad day. Oh yeah, we only do some of this stuff when mom is not anywhere around. Today I fell through the lake up to my knees while holding Mae's hand and holding Noah in my arms- we got too close to the ducks open water. The slide and ladder was a little iffy as well, but they were wearing lots of padding, the snow was fairly deep and cushiony, and Noah at 2 years old is already well past the age of learning how to climb a tall ladder.

On the way to and from the big lake, we counted 13 deer and 37 turkeys. Once we even completely stopped the van to watch 7 deer run across the field and right onto the road 50 yards from us. The reason why I say this is because right now Mae and Noah are napping, but when they wake up we are headed over to Bloomington for the Deer and Turkey Classic. We have been talking about that since last night as well. We are going to see lots of deers and turkeys! (and coyotes of course, I sure hope there is one there).

So Brook slept in till 9:30, now she is out at the mall or something and I am sitting here typing away while Drake, Noah, and Mae are all sound asleep dreaming about deers, turkeys, and Noah probably about coyotes. We tell coyote and eagle stories every night before bed, its great! All these fond memories of the week are nice and all, but lets just pray that none of kids wake up before Brook gets home!

While I have a few more minutes of peace and quiet, I might as well slap on a few more pics from the week. I dont feel like answering any emails or working on anything today, so here goes. Drake has been showered with mucho hugs and kisses and gets held alot:

I have been gobbling up all the hundreds of delicious meals and cookies people keep bringing everyday. Me and the boy take lots of naps together after dinner. If you think me and Drake look a bit fatter in this pic, its not because the camera puts on a few lbs, its because we actually legitimately are. We both have been eating like kings this week.

Just goofing off with the kids:

Been a very busy week as folks from down in the southern states have started asking lots of pond questions and ordering their pond supplies for the year. Justin and I have been working on taking care of all that, updating everything for 2010 (you know like price increases and such) and we also this week have been busting out alot of concrete and putting in some toilets and showers out at Lake Norris.

Then last bit of news so I can let whoever is still reading get back on with their life, I also just became a Pond Boss Magazine Regional Field Correspondent for Illinois. Pond Boss is the nations leading pond and fish magazine and I will be writing articles monthly for their online magazine as well as contributing stories and studies for their world famous print magazine! Its a great opportunity for me that I am looking forward to greatly. Before I dropped out of school (twice I might add) English and Creative Writing were hands down my worst subjects. I hated writing my whole life with an extreme passion. I dont know what happened the last couple years, but gradually over time I have really started to enjoy putting words down onto paper.
Drake is now awake and in my arms, and I am guessing Mae and Noah will be soon too! I just hope this diaper can hold out for a few more minutes until Brook gets home to change him. You know whats great is that Brook is usually a week or so behind in reading the blog. That means it will be a week or so before she finds out all kinds of stuff like falling through the lake and that I knew about the stinky diaper, etc. I guess sometimes its great, but then again maybe sometimes not so much....


  1. ...can't show my kids those pics- then they'll know the big lake isn't really "cancelled" during the winter.

  2. Congrats on the new job!!!! Can't wait to hear more about it.