Friday, February 19, 2010

Starting a New Chapter

Chapter 1: The NICU is officially over. We met with the docs and specialists today and decided against the ganciclovir treatments.

The future is unknown, but we have formulated a gameplan for monitoring vision, hearing, bloodwork and brain activity, along with speech and physical therapy. We did some final discharge checkups and such and headed home from the hospital at 2:45 pm! We both were at complete peace regarding our decision and future game plan and really look forward to starting the new chapter of our lives. We have been home now for 2 hours and Mae is still mesmerized by finally having her new baby brother home!

Noah is pretty excited to finally get to hold Drake too!

Drake if your reading this at any point in the future, we did everything in our power to help you get the best jumpstart on life. You have put more gray hairs on my rapidly receding hairline than both Mae and Noah combined. Up to this point you have only been alive for 8 days and are already a world changer. On your behalf, there have been thousands of prayers, buckets of tears, and lots of moms and dads giving their kids an extra hug at bedtime. While I dont suspect your next few years will make quite as much of an impact on the world as your first week; I do know that God has great things in store for you and this is only just the beginning.

Some of my favorite pics of my little buddy!

Just a few months, 630 diapers, and about 80 degrees from now we are going to start filling up this blog with Drake fishing pics!!!


  1. praise Jesus!!
    so glad you are home with your baby. just so you know, i never read your posts without bawling my eyes out. you are doing a good job of baring your heart and writing it all out. should stick to this and forget about all that fish stuff you usually write about :)
    drake is very blessed to have you and brook as parents
    call me if you need anything- love you guys!

  2. I am thankful you could find peace in your decision, because that is all that matters. Thankful you are at home. You will all get more and better rest now. We will take one day at a time (I love that song)together. Likewise, call me if you need anything.
    Much love, Aunt Judy

  3. Just found your blog through a link on the OBS page. Sounds like you've been going through a lot of joy and pain all at once. Praise be to God that your family is finally all together.

    Everything will work out; keep up the good work!

  4. Good Call!-
    Serena and I have been praying for you all; It brought back alot of GOOD memories of the NICU back in 2007.Our girls were born on February 1st, and came home around the 16th. Alecia was seen at Cardinal Med. group yesterday. She was informed she has RSV,AND WAS PRESCRIBED ALOT OF TLC! As well as a NEBULIZER-It works great!
    The only drawback is SERENA and I have to admin it every 4HRS. Alecia is back to sleep and that is were I should be-
    Love- Johnny & Serena

  5. Nate,

    I agree with Michelle. I never read your blog without crying and praying for all of you. I love the honesty and thoughts coming from a father and husband who wants to have all the answers for the family he loves so much. I am happy to know you are all finally home together, and we are still praying for God's miraculous wonder working power in little Drake's life.

    Love you all,

  6. love reading your blog.. little hard not to tear up or laugh out loud though! (who calls it a "little dilly" lol!) Glad you all are Home... Enjoy that little pumpkin!!

  7. So thankful to see the pictures of a normal "bringing home the baby" with your darling kids.
    God will honor your faith in Him and protect and cover you all with his grace and mercy and love.
    Let's not forget the JOY, too.

  8. Oh the journey's of life....I am so excited that you all are home. May our blessed Lord cover you all with his blessings and grace. Love you so very much!

  9. Found out about your new treasure at Hoerrs Berean Bookstore, as someone was buying you a gift. Drake went on my prayer list that day. I've passed the need on to other dear friends to pray as well. I'm so grateful for the goodness of God that has allowed you to have direction as you had such a huge decision to make in regards to his treatment. God bless you continually as you walk out this walk of trusting your heavenly father. Drake and your family will remain on my prayer list. Thank you for this blog and your willingness to allow others along this journey with you.
    God Bless You, Lois T.