Monday, May 4, 2009

Electro Pond Shocking at Cobblestone Estates

We did some Electro Pond Shocking surveys at two 3 acre ponds in Cobblestone Estates near Wildlife Prairie Park today. Had quite a time getting the boat in and out of the ponds, but the effort was definitely worth it!

The first pond is heavily spring fed, crystal clear and not very fertile. The fish were hard to sneak up on, but we managed to get a beast of a catfish and a whole bunch of 13 inch largemouth bass. That pond wont support very many lbs of fish per acre, and would greatly benefit from an artificial fish feeding program. The water quality is tremendous, it just doesnt support much natural food.
The second pond is the complete opposite of the first. It is extremely fertile, much shallower, and is fed by about a dozen nicely groomed and heavily fertilized yards! I could tell before even turning on the shocking boat we were going to load up on tons of very fat 15 inch largemouth bass, and that is exactly what we did! It took about 20 minutes to fill up the tank with over 70 largemouth bass between 1.5 and 2.5 lbs!
Now even though those bass were fat and well fed, not very many of them will grow any larger! The bass have plenty of food, but without any structure whatsoever, they have to work for their meals and burn too many calories to gain weight. You wont ever look like an old time donut eating southern deputy sheriff if your burning calories excercising all day long. Anyhow, we decided that even though the pond was a bit bass heavy and lacked structure, it was actually exactly the perfect type of fishery for kids to be able to come down and catch a few bass!


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