Monday, May 4, 2009

Stocking Perch in Central Illinois

After we finished up electrofishing this afternoon, we met up with Robert Burke of Keystone Fish Hatchery over in Elmwood to pick up our first load of fish this spring. We picked up 130 pounds of jumbo yellow perch and delivered them to a handful of clients around Brimfield, Elmwood, and Norris.

The perch were busting full of eggs and some couldnt keep them in any longer. We got them in just in time to get off a good spawn this spring! Yellow Perch add a great third dimension to angling in central illinois ponds. They actually grow really big around here, produce great forage for predators, taste great, and are fairly easy to catch pretty much year round!

This was our first delivery of the spring. Throughout the next few weeks we will be stocking literally hundreds of thousands of fish from all across the nation. We have thousands of hybrid striped bass and golden shiners coming from arkansas, tons more perch coming from minnesota, and truckloads of bluegill, hybrid bluegill, fathead minnows and bass coming from Keystone.
Its still not too late to get an order in for fish stocking this spring, but every day that goes by limits availability just a bit more.

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