Tuesday, May 5, 2009

The Perfect Small Pond Dock!

Here are some pictures of the perfect small pond dock.

This is Bernie Koch's stationary kicking back and relaxing dock. It is 5'x14' dock with a short 6' walkway. It has bench seats on both sides and is also held up by 1.5" dock poles.

Here is a pic of Mike Carr's small pond dock. It is virtually identical to Bernie's with the addition of a small directional fish feeder on the side.

It takes Justin and I less than one day to build and completely install these types of docks with the bench seats. We build them at our shop and haul them out to the pond for installation.


  1. This IS the perfect small pond dock! My boys love to fish but the edge of the water is slippery, any chance you could give me some input/guidance on how to build this dock?

  2. have you ever used bentonite in granual form to stop small pnd seepage?

    Thanks. gp5alex@yahoo.com

  3. yes is nice do you have plans you can post?

  4. I recommend bentonite in chip form for adding to a pond with water in it already.

    I dont have plans to post, but can tell you that the hardware, posts, bench brackets, and lumber was all from menards.

  5. What was the total cost to build the dock?

  6. i love this so much!!!!