Monday, May 4, 2009

Weekend at the Lake!

We finally got to spend some time at the lake this weekend! Between the chores we did a little fishing on Saturday and then headed out for the whole afternoon and evening of fishing on Sunday!

When I say a little bit of fishing, nowadays that means we empty all the traps and nets, feed the fish at each feeding station, and occasionally even get out a fishing rod! We caught alot of fish, but couldnt quite land a muskie this weekend. Everything is feeding pretty aggressively right now, this is perhaps the very best time of year to catch the grand slam of every species on a fishing trip!

We caught some nice smallmouth bass:

A handful of pig rainbow trout:

Some hybrid striped bass:

A couple walleye:
Numerous largemouth bass:

Tons of Boone and Crocket bluegill:

And a few big beautiful crappie:

The very best thing about fishing at the lake is you could potentially catch any species of fish with any lure on any given cast! You just never know? We didnt land any muskie this weekend, but did reel in a few times with no lures attached???

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