Thursday, May 28, 2009

Pond Boss and Midwest Outdoors Magazine

In May, my first article for Pond Boss Magazine was published. The article is on page 60 and is about our new fishing park that is opening up in East Peoria! Pond Boss is a nationwide magazine that has quite a few big time subscribers and advertisers!

I also just tonight got my June issue of Midwest Outdoors Magazine in the mail. My first article for that outdoor magazine was published this issue and is on page 68 of the Illinois section!

The article is about the process of electrofishing and creating the perfect lake management plan. Also on the page is a picture of me holding up 10 big carp, one on each finger. Along with Chef Todd holding up a MONSTER largemouth bass, me holding a nice bass, and Justin and I in our electro fishing boat!

In school, my absolute worst subject was english and composition simply because I hated writing reports and essays. Now I have 2 articles that I actually wrote, in nationwide major outdoor magazines, and several articles have been published in smaller local outdoor publications and websites. I also write for
Ask the Pond Guy Weblog. I dont really know what exactly happened??? Its not like I have any free time on my hands, I guess my inspiration to start writing came from reading Bill Heavey's articles on the back page of Field and Stream.

I never really ever paid any attention or followed any particular authors before, until one night a couple years ago I was sitting on my throne at home and I happened to glance at and read the back page of the Field and Stream magazine that was conveniently waiting for me. There is only one time during the day that I sit down long enough to actually read something and this particular day, the newspaper was not where it was supposed to be so I had to substitute a magazine from the little decorative book rack that Brook keeps in the bathroom.

Anyhow, when I read that article by Bill Heavey I was literally laughing out loud! This guy was just too funny! I then found out the he wrote on the back page of every Field and Stream and I spent the next year or so collecting and reading as many of those articles I could get my hands on. I was hooked. This guy loves hunting and fishing, but is not an expert trying to give secret tips or boring techniques. He just simply writes about hunting, fishing, and outdoor related stories and focusses on the bloopers, glitches, calamities, and pretty much basically the real life situations that we all face in our outdoor adventures! Pretty much everything he would write about would just hit real close to home, but in a way that was just too funny to not laugh out loud.

So anyhow to make a long story, well even longer I guess, I decided that I would like to start writing, but I didnt want to be just an average/ordinary BORING writer. I want to give out some information, education, tips, techniques, experiences, and stories, but I want to do it in a way that even if someone is not interested at all in that particular subject, that they will still be somewhat interested in reading the article??? My content gets doctored and cleaned up pretty good by the editors, but thats what they get paid to do, right?

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