Thursday, May 7, 2009

Took the Boy Flyfishing!

Noah is 1.5 years old and constantly chomping at the bit to get outside! He will literally sit in my truck and play for hours! Push trucks around the driveway all day long, and he also loves mud puddles, ponds, and all things water. As soon as he shakes off his obsession with baby dolls and some other girly stuff his older sister made him play with being inside all winter long, he will be 100% all BOY! I figure by the middle of this summer he will be free from his mother and sisters influence.....

Anyhow the coolest thing ever is that he is completely fascinated with fish and fishing gear. He talks about Bass and Walleye all the time and absolutely will not let me get close to him to help out when he has a fishing pole in hand. We did a little flyfishing the other night at the mini pond and teamed up to land a whopper on a fly tied by Jonn Graham! 

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