Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Electrofishing, Dock Building, Pond Consulting, Algae Treating....

Finally made it through a marathon of having every microsecond of my life completely and utterly overbooked and on the go! Spent the last 10 days on the go from well before the sun got up, to well after the sun went down.

The marathon started last Tuesday up at Enjoy Field in Cliffton, IL. My partner Chef Todd and I killed the cattails in the pond in front of the air strip, sprayed a bit of curly-leafed pond weed, and then headed north to do some Electrofishing for Charlie Hines at the Windy City Farm near Wilmington, IL.

We dialed up almost 100 LMB and a couple dozen pickeral.

Tagged a few bass for his grandkids to catch for prizes and devised a management plan for him to follow to put a bit of extra weight on his bass.

Wednesday we headed north again, this time I dropped the guys off in Henry and helped them get started on Dick Rupipers 12x12 floating dock with a couple bench seats.

From there Allen and I headed North to Princeton to treat Larry Gerdes pond for Algae and Curly-Leafed Pondweed.

On our way back down to Henry we stopped in at the Trainor's pond near Hennepin for a consultation and cattail application. They have a super nice chunk of paradise which will be their future home site. Finished devising a game plan to help them manage their cattails and pond for the future and headed back to Henry to help put the finishing touches on the dock.

The dock turned out great, we built and installed the whole thing in one loong day. I spent just about every minute of travel time (at least in the areas with service) on the phone with clients and potential clients, and still couldnt keep up with all the voice and e-mails. This time of year causes my hairline to recede just a bit everyday!

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  1. Hi Nate, Willem from South Africa, I was just wondering how the electrofishing equ. you use works?