Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Building a Deer Blind for Hunting

Today Justin and I built a deer hunting blind for a client. He had a 2 acre horse pen with a couple outdoor horse stalls from several years ago that was overgrown with weeds. We cleared out all the weeds from the old pasture and planted buck oats with some green patch plus a couple weeks ago. Then we turned the old horse stalls into an enclosed hunting blind for our clients dad to sit in during shotgun season. Here are some pics during construction:

The blind is 10x10 feet with a 6 and 1/2 foot ceiling. The shooting windows are 38 inches off the floor and are 40" wide and 12" tall. The clear plexiglass is 1/4" thick and slides up. The deer already move through the old horse pen, but strategically moving some old fence rows and planting some nice green juicy plants and this spot is going to be dynamite! Here are a couple pics from the trail camera looking out over the food plot.

I will post some pics of the painted and completed blind along with pictures of the food plot as the greens continue growing. The rain today definitely will help! Also the field was so full of old manure, the soil actually tested real good for growing stuff.

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