Friday, September 10, 2010

Monster Buck Eating Freshly Planted Buck Forage Oats in Food Plot

We cleared out some timber for a client and planted buck forage oats 2 weeks ago. We first had to lime the ground and fertilize the soil very heavy since the land was mostly strip mine spoils. Anyhow the buck forage oats are coming in very good and the deer are starting to congregate!

Here is a video of a monster typical Illinois buck spending time with the ladies eating in the food plot. Also in the first two weeks of this new plot and trail camera we have captured video of several of this buck's competition as well.

I had to switch the trail camera from video mode to still pictures. We had over 300 videos taken in the first 10 days of placing the camera and that took forever to download and sort through. The still images are way easier and faster to inventory the deer herd.

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