Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Flyfishing Day is This Saturday!

Come down to Hooked On Fishing Park in East Peoria this Saturday, September 25th to learn how to fly fish! If your already an experienced flyfisherman come on down to the park to teach someone else how to flyfish!

Flyfishing Lessons and Demonstrations
Hooked on Fishing Park East Peoria, IL
Saturday September 25th from 8 am to 2 pm
$10 suggested donation

We have some experienced fly fishing instructors coming down to teach anyone who wants to learn hands on as well as a casting demonstration at 11 am by Jonn Graham on the trout pond!

If you have your own fly gear and are willing to teach others how to flyfish or you just need to get in a few practice casts of your own please come on down for a fun day of learning, teaching and fishing! Please contact me at 309-303-5691 or if your interested in helping in any capacity or have any questions.

Also we have a pavilion with big grill that we will be using for lunch. Bring a sack lunch or some meat to throw on the grill. Families are invited and encouraged to come down for the day!

We will be fishing in all the ponds and want to have the day be devoted to fly rods! Here are some pictures of the fish we will be targeting in the flyfishing only trout streams and pond!!


  1. Hey,

    I'm interested in coming out but I have a college class until approx 11AM. Is it ok for people to show up late? I have a fly rod and have no idea what I'm doing with it, would love some pointers.

  2. Mark,
    We will be there till about 2 pm, come on over for sure!

    Just tell your instructor you need to leave a few minutes early for a more important lesson. Flyfishing you will use for the rest of your life and enjoy greatly, your school stuff you will most likely not use or enjoy 10 years from now.

  3. No doubt, especially since its College Algebra.

    Fishing > math.

    As soon as I can finish my test, I'll be there.