Saturday, September 25, 2010

Pea Gravel, Food Plot and Dam Pictures

Well, I am up in Delavan, Wisconsin typing on my laptop in a Super 8 motel while the Boise State football game is playing in the background. Sometimes you score big time with a priceline unnamed bid of $50 per night and sometimes not so much... There is a funny smell in the room and its not my feet or britches. The internet is free though. Anyhow, I finished the flyfishing seminar about 1 pm and headed up north.

Sunday morning my dad and I will be Salmon fishing out of Milwaukee harbor well before the butt crack of dawn and then about 10 am we are going to head over to Lake Delavan for some pike fishing. From there we go back to Super 8 and will head over to Palatine Monday morning for an electrofishing survey for a lake association in the suburbs. Then head for home to watch the Bears get annhilated by the green bay packers monday night. They may be 2 and 0 right now, but they will have to beat the Packers before they will be considered legit.

Here are those Dam pictures I talked about in the title. This dam we helped put in will turn a 30 acre lake into a 55 acre lake!

This pipe will spill over the extra water into the other lake to make a couple extra acres of water over there as well.

Here is a fall food plot I went to check on back in the woods:

Here are some pics from earlier in the week, I shot 35 tons of pea gravel into this 10 acre lake over near fairview to help the bluegills spawn better which will help produce more forage which will help the bass have more to eat which will eventually make those skinny bass FAT!

We electrofished this pond for the new owner and found out it was full of large fancy goldfish!!! I am working on a plan to salvage the pond and still grow some big desirable other fish. Anybody interested in some big fancy goldfish I know of a 2 acre pond that is chucked full of them!

Here is a pic held up by a serious future fisherman from an electrofishing survey over near lewiston:

Here is just one pic from flyfishing day today.

Here is a pic of a bluegill replica my good friend Richard made me for my office:

I will start a new post for the rest of the trout fishing pictures from today and also a new post for hopefully some fishing pictures from Sunday! It has been a busy week, but tomorrow I fish for fun!!


  1. hey! where are u guys located! im interested in fishing for those fancy goldfish!

  2. I wish I could take a book and jab it into your mouth while I pull you out of your home. Fishing is SICK!

  3. absolutely, its a shameful picture of the folks with all them goldfish, I don't know when we lost our humanity

  4. ^^
    The person above me is a stinking tree hugger. Don't mind them. Awesome work your doing!!