Sunday, September 19, 2010

Family and Business

I got back from Southern Illinois late friday night. We electrofished a pond near Chesterfield and a pond near Taylorville. Anyhow on Saturday I had a bunch of stuff to do, but also needed to spend the day with Mae and Noah. I compromised and took them both to work with me. We ran some errands, put up some shelves in the new building, and even stopped in to help Dave and Michelle on their new house for just a bit.

While its not so productive working with a 5 and 3 year old, it was still a good day to be able to spend the whole day with them and yet still get some stuff done. I try to spend at least a couple hours everyday playing or at least being with them, but this week I had a couple late nights and did some traveling. When we woke up on Saturday morning, I could tell they needed some extra dad time.

Anyhow my youngest Drake is growing like a weed. He is overcoming some big time physical challenges, but is doing GREAT! He just got fitted with his hearing aid for his right ear and is down to just one physical therapy session per month. He is just a fat happy boy. Mae and Noah are going to be midgets compared to this boy!

Here are some pics, I am blessed way more than I deserve with a wonderful wife and 3 beautiful children:

I do love my work, but just wish I could turn my mind off at 5 pm and turn it back on at 7 am. Being self employed is quite a bit different than working for someone else in that respect. I get caught up with working too much and living life too little. Occasionally Brook will say that while I am physically here she can tell that my mind is not. I could literally work 20 hrs per day always thinking, planning, organizing, communicating and coordinating.

I am the kind of guy who always likes to be efficient and productive. I could (and do) easily fall into the trap of too much work and not enough life. Anyhow I just realized that although I am looking forward to the future, I am not in any hurry to get there. These are the very best days of my life that I dont want to miss out on (or look back on regretfully)- working hard, loving my wife, playing with and teaching my kids, and spending time with my creator.

I got alot of posts coming up about fishing and working stuff going on, but family and real life stuff needs to get a little air time as well.