Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Monster Red River Channel Catfish!

One of my clients was heading up to Saskatchewan for a waterfowl hunting adventure with some friends. He called me up the day before he left to see if I knew any good fishing destinations in the Winnipeg or Duck Lake areas. Without hesitation I told him he needed to go channel catfish fishing in the Red River near Winnipeg!

Sounds kind of odd to go all the way up to the middle of Canada to go channel catfish fishing??? Anyhow he took my advice and texted me this pic yesterday of a 38 inch channel catfish that was caught by Katy Watson fishing with Cateye Outfitters.

According to my fish charts, a regular sized 38 inch catfish typically weighs 29 lbs. A fat 38 inch channel cat could weigh 35 lbs easily! This river is world famous for good numbers of trophy channel catfish and also a fall run of monster walleyes that will eventually produce the world record! 10 lbers are not uncommon during the month of October!!! Thanks Brett for making me bump this place up on my top ten list of places yet to fish.

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  1. That's one nice channel. Congrats!