Saturday, September 25, 2010

Flyfishing Pics from Todays Outing!

Everyone was invited to come out flyfishing today at the Fishing Park! Our group of instructors was led by the stream stalker Jonn Graham, the flyfishing pastor Curt Eber, and a handful of other characters for whom I have no fancy name for yet.

We had a group of about 25 anglers out today learning and teaching the art of casting flies and battling fish. Very diverse group of characters. Anyhow besides the Alwan Brothers burgers and chili glazed trout for lunch, the highlight of the day would probably either be the beautiful weather or the fact that we caught hundreds of pounds of trophy rainbow trout! You had to work to get em to bite, but when you did they were big and powerful!!

Before I post the fish pictures I would like to personally thank a group of caterpiller folks who came down to help me out. They untangled and restrung 75 of our fishing poles we use for kids fishing events! They also helped everything run smooth today at the park! Many thanks to Jake, Josh, Jennifer and all the other guys and gals whose names I don't remember:

Ok, here are the pics. I will let them tell the rest of the story:

Check out this sequence:

Today was just a picture perfect day for teaching and learning how to flyfish. While I wont be having anymore events at the park for this season, I do plan on having more flyfishing days next year. Also if anyone is interested in private flyfishing lessons at the park during the winter, I do have some expert guides willing to donate their time in exchange for a donation to the fishing parks 2011 operating expenses. Our springs stay free of ice all season long and their is no better place on the planet to learn how to flyfish.


  1. Had a great time, thanks for putting it on! Count me in for any flyfishing days in the future.

  2. Nate, doesn't that blue football field drive you nuts?

    You took off before I could hand over my donation. I guess that is what the donation boxes are for....

    Great time, fishing isn't supposed to be that much fun. I'll post my update soon.

  3. Amazing to think right here in Illinois one can have the experience of landing a HUGE rainbow. Much more fun than the Colorado trip where the trout all seemed to be hiding, OR perhaps we couldn't catch any in CO because Nate wasn't with us.