Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Huge Smallmouth, Largemouth, and Hybrid Striped Bass from Central Illinois!

Fishing was actually tough with the cold front, high pressure, and wind, but the lack of quantity was made up with quality. Here are a few highlights from the weekend of fishing.

Here is a huge smallmouth caught by Pat West on Friday night at one of our featured properties.

Tyden and Chef Todd also caught some nice smallies, but Pat's definitely takes the cake.

Pat also caught some nice green carp too.

Chad caught some nice largemouth as well, this bass was so huge that his fishing partner could fit her entire hand into this fishes mouth!

Justin caught this Hybrid Striped Bass using a tiny strike king mini crankbait!

Chef Todd caught this northern pike right off the dock using a number 3 blue fox spinner.

As for me, I pretty much caught nothing worthy of taking a photo. I lost about a 14 inch crappie at the boat, caught some small stripers and walleye, but didnt get any wall hangers like the boys above!


  1. Your fishing shots are always awesome, great job on staying on the fish.

  2. Awesome pics, I specially loved the Green Carp, I wonder if I could get to beat your record using some gears from a Georgia fly fishing company near my home where I recently moved, well it is actually a Cartersville GA fly fishing shop, could anybody here please check it out and give me some advice? sorry Iam just a newbie but I hope to improve soon.